Downsizing Seniors?


It’s time to downsize. Where do I go and how do I get there?

We get it!  Downsizing is often an intimidating and lengthy process but we love to help.  The most common response we get from our beloved senior clients is “I have/want to sell but where would I go?” and “What do I do with 50 years of stuff?” These responses are completely understandable.  Call us today to discuss your plans whether short-term or long-term.


If I sell, where would I go?

Our client-relationships go deep!  We invest quality time in helping our clients find a suitable place to live that makes sense for their desired lifestyle.  This may include a smaller single-store home, 55+ community living, or independent/assisted care facilities.  What if I move out of the area or out of state?  No problem.  We have a strong network of equally committed agents across the country.  We will gladly refer you to the best agent in that area who can service your needs.

Find out what your home is really worth.

Home Valuation

What do I do with all of my stuff?

It stands to reason that one would collect a lot of possessions over time.  Such possessions range from very special and emotional items to endless collections of books, furniture, and lawn equipment.  We personally help our clients prioritize packing, decluttering, and cleaning up.  We connect our clients with the best resources to sell, donate, or dispose of items no longer needed.  Our sales process is fast so our clients aren’t subjected to months of open houses and agent showings.

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We help our clients realize their dreams and navigate necessary life changes with integrity and an authentic commitment to their success.

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