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Major Slab Leak During High Stakes Negotiations

Nancy and Mark share their experience about when Matt Whitcomb sold their home for $150,000 over list despite having a major plumbing leak under the slab during the first open house weekend.  With multiple offers on the table, well above list price, this was seemingly the WORST possible time for such an incident.  Hear what Matt did to quickly shift gears and turn a tragedy into an overwhelming success.


Meet Matt Whitcomb

Having over 20 years of global marketing and sales experience with brands such as Universal Studios, Walmart, and DISH Network, blended with his knowledge of home construction, Matt Whitcomb is setting new standards in the world of real estate.  This includes property showcasing, record-setting buying & selling strategies, client support, and business ethics.  The pillars of Matt’s business are integrity, authenticity, and a genuine commitment to the success of his clients.